Over 10,000 signatures helped get our petition across the finish line. We teamed up with Innovation Alliance to help raise awareness of a brewing issue facing the small American Inventor. We spent almost 2 years interviewing over 50 experts who helped us explore the plight of the American inventor. Out of that came a series of videos and a documentary which screened nationwide.  

Framed around the story of two first-time inventors, Inventing to Nowhere explores the stakes in policy fights over the American innovation economy, with interviews of legendary inventor Dean Kamen, historians, members of Congress and other key players in the effort to keep the country innovating.

For more than 200 years, the U.S. patent system has helped protect and grow ideas. This reverence for intellectual property rights has been a driving force in making the United States an economic superpower. But as the patent-law debate becomes more influenced by special interests, the future of inventors and entrepreneurs is in jeopardy.

The film debuted at more than 20 theaters across the country and an official SXSW party was thrown in it's honor. 

See the full length documentary and more at savetheinventor.com

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